Les EPS : Un Précieux Ingrédient Issu de l’Océan au Service de votre Peau

EPS: a precious ingredient from the Ocean for your skin

Among the natural and very powerful treasures offered by the Ocean, marine exopolysaccharides (EPS) are essential allies in the formulation of skin care and health products.

EPS, the discovery of these marine sugars with unequaled powers:

EPS are high molecular weight polymers, mainly composed of sugars. They are produced and secreted by microorganisms to ensure their protection or nutrition. They have no equivalent on earth! Of natural origin, exopolysaccharides are extremely complex sugars that are impossible to reproduce with synthetic molecules. Each microorganism produces its own specific exopolysaccharide with its own sugar sequence, which gives it unique cell activation properties.

At oceanheritage, we integrate EPS from the Iroise Sea and Aber Benoit into our formulas: their properties act in synergy with our patented complex OSMOTIC SBP™ .

Iroise Sea EPS, with anti-aging and smoothing action:

Secreted by phytoplankton collected in the Iroise Sea and derived from blue biotechnology , they have a particular affinity with the skin: they stimulate the synthesis of collagen I, hyaluronic acid and elastin in the skin.


- Immediate filling effect
- Smooth wrinkles and skin texture
- Redensify the epidermis

Smoothing active EPS

EPS from Aber Benoit, with anti-inflammatory and protective action:

These marine EPS are produced by a microorganism isolated in Aber Benoit in Brittany, resulting from blue biotechnology . They form a second protective skin to ensure the renewal of the barrier function of the epidermis, strengthen innate immunity to better fight against attacks and reduce inflammation processes.


- The skin is protected
- The skin's innate immunity is boosted
- The skin's defenses are strengthened
- Skin reactivity is reduced
- The skin is healthier

Healthy skin

EPS, a treasure of the ocean depths at the forefront of innovation , are today asserting themselves as essential assets . By integrating them into the heart of our formulations in synergy with our patented OSMOTIC SBP™ complex, we offer your skin a revolutionary approach to help it stay younger, longer and healthier.