Explorez les Avantages d'OceanHeritage : Option Parrainage du Programme de Fidélité

Explore the benefits of oceanheritage: loyalty program sponsorship option

Let's dive into the details of our loyalty program, highlighting an often underestimated gem: the referral option. Find out how it can enrich your experience while building connections within our community. Ready to explore the benefits that await you? It's this way !


Earn Points with Every Purchase:

By joining our Loyalty Program, each purchase you make allows you to accumulate points.

These points can subsequently be exchanged for vouchers in euros, allowing you to save on your next orders.

That's not all…

By sponsoring a friend, relative or family member, you can also obtain an additional €25 voucher!


Sponsor to Win: A Double Advantage

Sponsorship in our loyalty program is not only a way to share good news, but also an opportunity to earn additional benefits. Each new membership recommended by you is one step closer to exclusive rewards.

Simplicity is at the heart of our referral program. Share your unique bond with friends, family and colleagues. Each person who joins the program thanks to your recommendation becomes a potential source of benefits for you and for them. A win-win process!


How it works ? It’s quite simple!

Register for the Loyalty Program on our online store.

Then, share your oceanheritage experience by sponsoring one of your friends or loved ones.

Your godchild then directly receives a €25 reduction voucher to use for their first purchase.

Finally, after your sponsored child has made their purchase, as a sponsor, you will also receive a €25 voucher as a reward for your generosity and sharing.


Building an Engaged Community

Sponsorship goes beyond individual benefits. This is an opportunity to build an engaged and connected community, sharing experiences and advice. Create connections within our loyalty program, strengthening the spirit