A determined scientist passionate about the ocean and cosmetology

Lulled from her earliest childhood by the sound of the waves , Fabienne Bresdin was born and raised by the sea. Sandcastles, belts of seaweed and the restoration of her first boat punctuated her life as a child and of a teenager. Determined and passionate, she decided to make this inspiring lifestyle her profession and obtained her oceanographer diploma at the Pierre and Marie Curie University of Brest after discovering her vocation during an internship at the Wimereux Marine Station.

The creation of a cosmetology laboratory in 1993

Fascinated by phytoplanktons, unicellular algae and the benefits of seawater on health and skin, she created her cosmetology laboratory in 1993. There she developed ranges of cosmetics made from marine algae intended for thalassotherapy centers. and beauty salons while being interested in the work of René Quinton , a French biologist who theorized the concept of "salt constancy".

A decisive discovery

Strongly influenced and inspired by this empirical marine theory, Fabienne attempts to restore its credentials and go further by demonstrating the benefits of seawater for the health and youthfulness of the skin . She dreams of developing a revolutionary youth elixir based on fresh sea water that would restore the skin's homeostasis, in other words its fundamental balance. It then comes up against numerous technical and scientific constraints: seawater loses its benefits when it is reduced to powder and is not compatible with many raw materials, it is necessary to dilute the seawater to bring it back to the body's salinity level without losing its properties, it must replace all of the water in the formulas to remain effective. Finding the formulation of this active ingredient is a real challenge for this enthusiast! Long-term work then begins in his cosmetic laboratory.

Molène, Fabienne's lucky island

As a child, she spent her family holidays on this emblematic Breton island, on the borders of the English Channel and the Atlantic. She met fishermen, locals and algae harvesters there, and she fell in love immediately. A true Proust madeleine for the researcher, this seabird paradise is also the place of an unexpected and unhoped-for discovery for Fabienne. Molène spring water. A treasure which presents the same mineral signature as seawater, strongly mixed, oxygenated and rich in nutrients with which it is associated, without denaturing it, to create a unique marine solution. This mixture of sea water and Molène spring water acts thanks to powerful osmotic energy by regenerating the original living environment of skin cells; This active ingredient truly penetrates the skin, acts and adapts to its specific needs. Following her discovery, she undertook research with the dermatology department of Brest University Hospital to study the behavior of skin cells when immersed in this mixture of sea water and Molène spring water. The results are unanimous and astonishing.

The meeting with Jacques

In order to apply her recent discovery, the researcher wishes to deepen her work. She then met Jacques Le Bozec, a partner of choice and expert in the medical sector, with whom she launched new research, on cells from donors aged 2 to 69, at INSERM in Paris, confirming the first investigations: the middle of Marine life delays cell aging and maintains their ability to produce collagen.


A global innovation protected by a patent

This is how OSMOTIC SBP™ was born, a major innovation for the marine and clinical cosmetics sector , protected by a patent obtained in 2019. A true 100% natural and non-toxic elixir of youth , it restores the skin's balance, supports immune defenses and recharges dermal cells with energy and nutrients thanks to powerful osmotic energy.

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OSMOTIC SBP™: the flagship active ingredient of oceanheritage cosmetics

This revolutionary active ingredient is exclusively present in the entire range of Oceanheritage cosmetics, at a very high concentration, since it replaces all of the water in the formulas . These 100% natural treatments are aimed at all skin types, regardless of your age, and restore the cause of your skin problems without over-stimulating it. Oceanheritage products are also used by aesthetic health professionals during treatment protocols to prepare the skin before treatment and post-treatment in order to repair and support the skin in its recovery phase.

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