The principle of OSMOTIC SBP™


    The skin has the ability to regulate its own balance autonomously and naturally…
    This is skin homeostasis.
    Homeostasis is fragile and can be altered by external attacks (temperature, pollution, sun, stress, etc.)

  • When subjected to external aggression, the living environment of the cells is depleted, leading to deficiencies in essential trace elements, and it discharges like an electric battery! Skin cells weaken, vital mechanisms slow down, which results in dull, tired, more reactive skin and the appearance of signs of aging.

How can we help the skin restore its optimal energy level and naturally regain its ability to regenerate? Thanks to active water, a living environment equivalent to cellular plasma... OSMOTIC SBP™

OSMOTIC SBP™: the patented oceanheritage active ingredient

OSMOTIC SEAWATER BIOMIMETIC PLASMA™ is the 100% natural active ingredient patented and unique in the world from ocean heritage . Fusion of pure energized sea water from the Iroise Sea and rare oligo-mineral marine spring water emerging on the island of Molène, it completely replaces the water in the formulas.

Its composition of trace elements and mineral salts in the form of free ions reproduces the original living environment of skin cells and regenerates it thanks to powerful osmotic energy. This bio-recognition triggers a cascade of benefits : reinforced innate defense, resistance to oxidative stress, cellular energy, extension of the skin's youthfulness.

A unique concept of care

  • Give new birth to the skin

    • A mineral signature identical to that of the human body : OSMOTIC SBP™ contains more than 62 bio-assimilable mineral salts and trace elements .
    • It can thus enter into PERFECT SYMBIOSIS with the skin and thus recreates the natural living environment of the cells. The more tired, weakened, stressed the cells are, the more active it becomes!
    • Its action therefore goes well beyond classic active ingredients: it does not specifically target skin disorders but restores the cause which gave rise to them!
  • Result? beautiful skin that glows !

    Resourced and re-enriched by this original living environment, the cells of the epidermis activate their longevity mechanisms and can thus prolong the youthfulness of the skin by:

    • relaunching its natural regeneration, defense and repair mechanisms .
    • producing a high concentration of collagen, necessary for firm and plump skin.

Amazing results!

In collaboration with the Paris Skin Institute (INSERM), we evaluated the impact of OSMOTIC SBP™ on fibroblasts (skin cells) in comparison with physiological serum. Physiological serum is a slightly salty solution that has a concentration of mineral salts and trace elements similar to that of human body fluids. It is therefore perfectly tolerated by our cells.
Fibroblasts were immersed in OSMOTIC SBP™ and in physiological serum in order to observe their ability to live and develop for 24 hours.

OSMOTIC SBP™ is a true natural living environment for cells and promotes cell renewal.

Behavior of cells with OSMOTIC SBP™: proof in images

  • When skin cells are immersed for several hours in OSMOTIC SBP™ (100%), they retain their shape and are still alive. They continue to move and multiply (cellular regeneration).
    The cells draw from it the nutrients necessary for their survival and development, and this more than 72 hours later!

  • When immersed in physiological serum (100%), the skin cells retract on themselves after two hours, because they are in pain. They lack nutrients to live and develop.
    After two hours of immersion, the cells die.

The culmination of 20 years of scientific research

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OSMOTIC SBP™ was developed after more than 20 years of scientific research into the original properties of sea water, in collaboration with renowned French research institutes and dermatologists. Its development is a true technical and scientific feat!

When cellular plasma faces mineral deficiencies, generated by internal or external stress factors, it discharges like an electric battery. The cells are then weakened and their vital mechanisms are slowed down. OSMOTIC SBP™ (original living environment) provides trace elements and mineral salts in the form of ions essential to the balance of extra and intracellular living environments. It thus restores their optimal energy level and reactivates cellular mechanisms of innate defense, regeneration and self-repair .”

Fabienne Bresdin, biologist and oceanographer, co-founder of ocean heritage .

For her, the ocean is rejuvenating because it is alive. She carries with her the intimate conviction that I am as vital to beauty as the ocean is to life.

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