"Biomimétisme Cosmétique : Une Révolution Inspirée par la Nature"

“Cosmetic Biomimicry: A Revolution Inspired by Nature”

The emergence of biomimicry is revolutionizing the approach of the cosmetics industry. It’s about ingeniously imitating natural biological processes. Let's explore this innovative approach which combines engineering, biology and chemistry to create skin care products with perfect affinity for the skin.

Simple definition: Biomimicry (literally: imitation of life) in cosmetics draws its inspiration directly from the skin, imitating its characteristics to design innovative treatments.

Biomimetic treatments integrate components naturally present in the skin, such as water, lipids, proteins, sugars, as well as mineral salts for example.

Thus, the skin naturally enters into symbiosis with these ingredients that it recognizes!


Advantages of Biomimetic Care:

Biomimetic ingredients used in cosmetics, whether of natural or synthetic origin, reproduce and imitate the structure of molecules produced by the body , ensuring a similar biological function. A concrete example is hyaluronic acid, naturally present in the skin, becoming a biomimetic ingredient with reproduced moisturizing properties.

The skin, a source of inspiration par excellence, holds the key to its well-being by naturally protecting itself from external aggressions. Biomimetic treatments optimize the benefits for each skin type by imitating its natural composition, without using occlusive silicones and by only providing high-tolerance ingredients, thus strengthening its protective barrier.

Positive Impact on the Environment:

The imitation of the skin and its components through biomimetic care reduces the use of harmful synthetic substances, thus promoting products that are respectful both for the skin and for the environment. This approach aligns the cosmetics industry with the principles of sustainability and preservation of the ecosystem.

The Power of Biomimicry at oceanheritage: A 100% natural Revolutionary Science

At oceanheritage, biomimicry is at the heart of innovation. It is the first skin care brand to perfectly recreate the original living environment of skin cells, offering care in total affinity with the skin and spectacular results. This global, 100% natural and patented innovation is “ OSMOTIC SEAWATER BIOMIMETIC PLASMA ”, a bioactive complex based on naturally energized fresh sea water.

It will restore the skin's fundamental balance systems, preventing and even reversing the mechanisms of aging.

This biologically active living environment is equivalent to cellular plasma and reproduces the original living environment of skin cells thanks to powerful osmotic energy . This unprecedented scientific demonstration has been protected by a patent since 2019.

This complex therefore enters into perfect symbiosis with the skin , recreating through biomimicry the natural living environment of cells. Its action goes beyond classic active ingredients, because it does not specifically target skin disorders, but restores the cause that caused them. In addition, it is intelligent and adapts to the physiological state of the skin.

The more tired, weakened or stressed the cells are, the more active it becomes!

The result ? Younger, healthy, vibrant skin. The cells, recharged and re-enriched by this original living environment that they recognize, trigger a cascade of beneficial mechanisms, strengthening innate defense, cellular energy, resistance to oxidative stress, accelerated repair, extension of cellular longevity , as well as the slowing down and reversal of aging mechanisms.

“Reverse Aging” technology allows the cells of the epidermis to remain younger, longer, and healthier.

A true revolution in skin care that is part of oceanheritage's biomimetic science.

Conclusion :

Cosmetic biomimicry opens new perspectives and offers an innovative approach inspired by nature, for effective care that respects the skin and the planet...