eau de mer cosmétiques

Fresh and pure sea water in your beauty treatments, an elixir of youth!

Beauty products with fresh, pure sea water are few and far between on the shelves. Why is it good for the skin? How can we know if our facial treatment contains it? How do oceanheritage facial treatments do they differ? Explanations with Fabienne Bresdin, biologist-cosmetologist and co-founder of the oceanheritage brand.

How is fresh, pure sea water good for the skin?
Sea water is good for the skin because it has an eminently remineralizing and revitalizing action! The reason ? Fresh and pure sea water contains 62 traceable elements and mineral salts: calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, chloride... It is easily assimilated by the skin which, as a reminder, is made up of 70% water : a reminiscence of our oceanic origins! On average, sea water contains 35 grams of mineral salts per liter, while skin water contains 9 grams. Thanks to this high concentration, they cause a real remineralizing shot, which restores energy and stimulates exchanges in the skin. But on the other hand, skin cells lose water and the skin becomes dehydrated. This is why the face feels tight after a swim in the sea!

Is it possible to introduce fresh, pure seawater into a beauty product without dehydrating it?
Yes, it is possible to introduce fresh and pure sea water into a beauty product, but the right balance is not easy to find, and only the oceanheritage brand has managed to do it!
To reduce the mineral salt load, most marine cosmetics are made up of very small quantities of pure sea water (1%, 2%, 3%...) or "hypotonic" sea water. In other words: sea water is less concentrated in mineral salts than skin water. To achieve this, it is diluted with demineralized water or introduced in powder form (sea salt). But in both cases the remineralizing power is weak, because the loss of mineral salts is significant, and the cells cannot survive in a hypotonic environment and therefore die within a few hours.

How do oceanheritage beauty products differ?
To develop oceanheritage facial treatments, the brand has chosen to use isotonic sea water . That is to say: presenting 9 grams of mineral salts per liter, like skin water. However, beauty products based on isotonic seawater are very difficult to formulate , because the mineral salts destabilize the emulsions. Additionally, they are not compatible with all raw materials. There are very few marine cosmetics based on isotonic seawater. Most of the time, they use deodized seawater (without salt) to lower the mineral salt load. Furthermore, they often use it in powder form. But as a result, the mineral salts lose their quality and appear in the form of crystals. This is why they struggle to penetrate the epidermis.
How did the oceanheritage research...?
It took more than 20 years of research for the R&D team to create a unique combination, called the OSMOTIC SBP . This revolutionary active ingredient is protected by a patent . It combines natural, fresh and perfectly pure sea water , drawn off the coast of Brittany in the precious Iroise Sea Marine Park (which has not undergone any chemical or thermal treatment), with rare marine spring water. , drawn deep in the Molène archipelago, after a long rocky journey under the continental shelf, very lightly mineralized. To obtain 9 grams of mineral salts per liter, a percentage of sea water (+20%) was introduced into the mixture. Thanks to this perfect balance, the living state of the seawater is preserved, as is the consistency of mineral salts. Cellular exchanges take place without dehydration and without loss of minerals!

What’s exceptional about oceanheritage formulas?
They are exceptional because they all include high-dose OSMOTIC SBP™ : it replaces all of the demineralized water in the formulas! “The mineral composition of OSMOTIC SBP™ is comparable to the original living environment of epidermis cells. During tests on skin cells, we managed to show that it was a real cellular living environment, and that it acted on the longevity of skin cells,” explains Fabienne Bresdin. In other words: in contact with OSMOTIC SBP™ , skin cells live and stay young longer. They regain their natural capacity for self-regulation “homeostasis”: self-defense, self-regeneration and self-repair, regardless of age and skin type. It also stimulates their ability to produce collagen, necessary for beautiful, firm and plump skin. A real, beautiful cosmetic innovation to enhance the beauty of the face and slow down accelerated aging!

How do I know if my facial treatment includes fresh, pure sea water?
It's very simple, just look at your packaging. The mention “MARIS AQUA (seawater)” must appear first in the INCI list of ingredients or at least in the first 5 and always before “water”!
Moreover, when you look at the INCI list the ingredients appear in the order of their concentration in the formula (from + present to - present).