sérum visage naturel

A natural serum to enhance the beauty of your face!

What is a natural serum ? ? What is more - and less - than a facial serum from so-called conventional cosmetics? What are the beauty tips to optimize its action and obtain beautiful, glowing, healthy and youthful skin? With the oceanheritage experts, we take a look at the issue and tell you everything!

What is a facial serum used for?

Before talking about natural serum , a definition of facial serum is necessary! This beauty product is a facial treatment (rarely a body treatment), whose intensive formula is very rich in active ingredients. This is a treatment with targeted action, which provides a specific response to the skin's needs. Thanks to its fluid texture, it penetrates easily and deeply into the epidermis. Moisturizing serum, revitalizing serum, plumping serum, anti-spot serum, anti-blemish serum... It's up to you to choose according to the needs of your skin: formation of wrinkles, loss of hydration, prevention against brown spots...

What is a natural serum?

A natural serum is a facial serum formulated with ingredients from nature: plants, flowers, algae, sea water, spring water, minerals... Having said that, there is a natural serum and a natural serum! Some are highly concentrated in natural active ingredients, like the reviviscent serum, and others are much less so. There is no regulatory definition of natural cosmetics in France and internationally. But to get your bearings, you can rely on the Cosmos private label: to display the Cosmos Natural logo on its packaging, any beauty product must contain at least 95% natural ingredients. It must also exclude many undesirable ingredients derived from petrochemicals: phenoxyethanol, parabens, PEG, silicones, etc. This is a guarantee of naturalness and transparency.

What is the difference between a natural serum and a serum from conventional cosmetics?

The main difference between a natural serum and a serum from conventional cosmetics lies in the nature of the ingredients that are used in the composition of the serums.
In France and the European Union, European cosmetics regulations apply to beauty products. She is known for being strict. But it authorizes - at certain doses - ingredients from petrochemicals, as well as controversial active ingredients, such as phenoxyethanol, certain parabens (two powerful preservatives), triclosan, BHAs, certain chemical sunscreens... Nothing much natural, therefore.

What is a natural serum for if you already use a face cream?

A natural serum is used either to reinforce the action of your facial treatment or to complement it. If you have dry skin, for example, you can slip a hydrating serum under your moisturizer to increase its effectiveness. But if your skin is tired and needs to be rebalanced and reboosted, you can choose to apply a revitalizing or regenerating serum!
Depending on the nature and needs of the skin, a serum can also be used alone and act as daily care. Often, men and people with combination or oily skin like the fluid textures of serums and their ability to be absorbed quickly! It's up to you, depending on the results and how comfortable you feel on your face.

How to integrate a natural facial serum into your beauty routine?

A natural facial serum can be used every day, applied morning and evening to the face and neck. It can also be used occasionally, as a treatment for a few weeks, during a change of season or to meet a particular need. For radiant, healthy and beautiful skin, it is recommended to apply it to well-cleansed skin, using a mild super-fatted soap or a moisturizing make-up remover balm, which will preserve its hydrolipidic film and prevent dry out. Don't forget to exfoliate your face once or twice a week to rid it of dead cells and impurities. Thus, the texture of your skin will be visibly refined!

Beauty tips from our facialist:

A few simple self-massage gestures will allow you to optimize the action of your natural serum. 2 to 3 minutes every day is enough. And don't forget, it's consistency that counts!

For a blush effect:
Place 3 or 4 drops of serum on your well-cleansed face.
Make it penetrate by tapping and lightly pinching with the pads of your fingers all over the face.
This little, ultra-simple ritual to perform revitalizes and facilitates blood microcirculation, for pretty pink cheekbones!

For a contouring effect on the cheekbones:
Equip yourself with a guasha, a must-have among the most used beauty tools. Place the tip under the cheekbone (45° angle): using the curved part, smooth outwards and sculpt the cheekbone from the furrow. To avoid creating creases (and new wrinkles), hold your skin using your fingers. For a more complete treatment, you can start from the oval of the face towards the cheekbone, then smooth under the cheekbone outwards, as explained previously. If you don't have guasha, you can carry out this self-massage using the tips and edges of your index fingers.

Facialist tips!