Quelle Crème Visage Naturelle pour ma Peau ?

Which natural face cream for my skin?

The skin is a living organ that constantly evolves and interacts with the external environment. One of its functions is to protect the body against aggression and various external and internal stress factors. How does the skin work? Why does she need a natural face cream ? Why are oceanheritage natural facial treatments different from other beauty products? Decryption!

Why does the skin need a face cream?

The skin is a living organ composed of three layers of cells, which has the extraordinary ability to regulate its own balance and implement means of control. This is called skin homeostasis. But like any form of balance, homeostasis is fragile and can be altered by many factors: sun, cold, pollution, bacteria, detergents, hard water, stress, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalances, tobacco... Furthermore, the skin gradually loses its vital elements over the years. The hyaluronic acid naturally present in the body struggles to renew itself, resulting in a phenomenon of drying, a loss of radiance, and the formation of fine lines. Fibroblasts decrease, leading to a lack of elasticity and tone. Brown spots appear. Daily use of a natural face cream will bring him comfort and help him anticipate all these disorders!

What is a good natural face cream?

A good natural facial treatment is one that revives the skin and helps cells regenerate naturally, in depth, instead of simply erasing appearances. Thus, day after day, it allows it to regain balance, to maintain good health and slow down premature aging. This is true, whatever the skin type (normal, dry, combination, oily, sensitive) and whatever its needs, knowing that all skin needs to be perfectly hydrated, including oily skin. In question ? The slowed production of hyaluronic acid, but also the imperceptible loss of water during the day due to various internal and external “attacks”. Then, everything lies in the choice of natural ingredients, their origin, their production method guaranteeing optimal quality and in the development of innovative formulas. A good natural facial treatment is a beauty product that respects the ecology of the skin but also the environment!

What natural ingredients are in oceanheritage moisturizers?

oceanheritage offers two moisturizers : both contain the reviviscent™ complex , which combines fresh sea water with marine spring water drawn off the coast of Brittany. This patented active ingredient helps the skin restore its balance by relaunching its natural defense, regeneration and repair mechanisms. It is present in high doses in oceanheritage facial treatments: more than 90% in the eau reviviscente revitalizing serum, 72% in the rejuvenating moisturizing cream, 63% in the nourishing moisturizing cream. In addition to the complex, there are ingredients of 100% natural origin, from eco-responsible harvests or organic farming. Marine assets occupy a special place. Thus, the rejuvenating moisturizing cream (light cream) contains extracts of Aster marine flower and brown algae for their antioxidant, protective and comforting action. As for red algae, it boosts the natural production of hyaluronic acid and deeply hydrates. For its part, the nourishing moisturizing cream (rich cream) contains brown algae oils and EPS from phytoplankton which stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen. To help the skin resist dryness and premature aging, this wonderful natural facial treatment also contains blue immortelle flower extract.

I have dry skin. Which moisturizer should I choose for my skin...?

If you have dry skin, it is not producing enough sebum and is lacking in fatty substances. For dry skin and mature skin that naturally has a lipid deficiency, the nourishing moisturizing cream is all indicated. Thanks to non-GMO coconut and palm extract, its texture is rich and creamy: it's a real treat for the skin!

I have dehydrated and fragile skin, what should I do…?

If you have dehydrated and fragile skin, you should provide it with moisturizing and humectant active ingredients. It is also necessary to act on the imperceptible loss of water and strengthen the protective hydrolipidic film on the surface of the epidermis. The replenishing moisturizing cream oceanheritage is perfect for this! Its light and melting texture is a real marvel. And what's more, it leaves no greasy film on the face: ideal for combination and oily skin!