Le printemps : saison du renouveau en Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise

Spring: season of renewal in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Spring, an emblematic season in Chinese philosophy, represents renewal. With each new season, our body adapts to the changing energy, making this period the ideal time to adjust our skincare routine. In harmony with the principles of Chinese medicine, our patented innovation, OSMOTIC SBP™, offers a 100% natural approach to rebalancing the skin's vital energy, promoting a revitalized and radiant complexion.

At the heart of our 100% natural biomimetic skincare products, which completely replace the water in the formulas for 100% active care, OSMOTIC SBP™ is a unique active ingredient in the world. This reviviscent complex is a fusion of fresh, pure seawater naturally dynamized from the Iroise Sea with a rare marine spring water emerging from the Molène Archipelago. It is rich in trace elements and minerals, thus reproducing the natural living environment of skin cells to regenerate them with powerful osmotic energy. This discovery, protected by an invention patent since 2019, revolutionizes our approach to skin health, offering the skin a new birth. OSMOTIC SBP™ goes beyond traditional active ingredients: it does not specifically target skin disorders; it restores the cause that gave rise to them. It is intelligent and adapts to the physiological state: the more tired, weakened, and stressed the cells are, the more active it becomes!

Balance and harmony:

According to Chinese medicine, spring is associated with the wood element and the liver, symbolizing a crucial energetic renewal for the body and mind. In our skincare routine, this translates to choosing rebalancing, purifying, and nourishing products for the skin.

Deep cleansing:

Spring is conducive to an effective yet gentle facial cleansing, removing toxins accumulated due to climatic changes and thus preserving the clarity of pores and skin health while hydrating and protecting it.

Hydration and protection:

With the return of mild temperatures, light and refreshing hydration is essential. Opt for products rich in moisturizing and energizing ingredients, prolonging the youth and health of the skin. The foundation of any skincare routine is the use of a serum before applying a moisturizer. Why? Because it has a high concentration of active ingredients, its light texture promotes rapid absorption and deep penetration into the skin, and it enhances the effectiveness of the moisturizer.

By adopting a holistic approach inspired by Chinese medicine, we can revitalize our skincare routine to welcome spring with radiant and balanced skin. Listen to your skin's needs and adapt your routine accordingly for optimal results.