Découvrez les Soins OceanHeritage dans Deux Boutiques Exclusives en Bretagne !

Discover OceanHeritage Skincare in Two Exclusive Boutiques in Brittany!

Did you know that our innovative and entirely natural products are within reach at two exclusive boutiques in Brittany? Indulge in a unique sensory experience in-store, where you can not only try our products but also discover their texture and dive into the fascinating story of our brand.

Printemps of Brest - Beauty Corner Address: 59 Rue Jean Jaurès, 29200 Brest

The Printemps of Brest is proud to welcome Oceanheritage to its new beauty space. Nestled in the heart of Brest, this beauty corner is the perfect place to discover our complete range of 100% natural biomimetic products, inspired by the Iroise Sea and its benefits for the skin. A dedicated team will guide and advise you on our expert care products. In partnership with Oceanheritage, Le Printemps de Brest is committed to offering its customers a unique shopping experience focused on quality and sustainability. Discover natural formulations that combine effectiveness, innovation, and results!

Maison Impertinence - Pléneuf-Val-André Address: 6 Rue Amiral Charner, 22370 Pléneuf-Val-André

Maison Impertinence, located in Pléneuf-Val-André, is a charming boutique of curiosities offering "slow deco" items, as well as jewelry, perfumes, and clean cosmetics… All made in France. Hélène, the founder of this boutique, warmly guides her clients through a unique and authentic selection. Dive into the refined world of Maison Impertinence, where every product tells a story and every visit is a personalized experience.