Routine beauté naturelle

My facial beauty routine: back to basics!

A beauty routine concentrated in OSMOTIC SBP  for beautiful skin that glows with life, health and a perfect complexion? your face needs daily care! With its formulas of 100% natural origin and labeled Cosmos, the range of natural cosmetics oceanheritage is suitable for all skin types, regardless of age. Marine cosmetics with ingredients from the ocean and eco-responsible circuits, zero controversial components, a patented active ingredient... 1,2,3 simple and essential actions to slow down the premature aging of skin cells!

Step 1 of my beauty routine: reviviscent balm , a 100% natural facial cleanser.

The skin is fragile and alive. A true vital interface, it is constantly renewed and must protect itself from the effects of age and daily aggressions: pollution, stress, fatigue, unbalanced diet... To rid it of its impurities, everything starts with step 1 of a healthy beauty routine: a deep cleansing, morning and evening, with the reviviscent balm . Both gentle and effective, this oceanheritage facial cleanser comes in the form of a silky, fragrance-free balm. Apply a small amount to the forehead, cheeks and chin, then massage the entire face: during the massage, its gel texture transforms into oil, a real pleasure! When you emulsify it with a little water, the balm transforms into a delicate milk. Continue to massage for optimal cleansing! then rinse with water. Your skin is perfectly clean, purified and soft! your face regains its natural radiance.

We like: its beautiful transformist texture, which perfectly cleanses the skin and hydrates it at the same time, thanks to the plant sucro-esters present in its formula. The reviviscent balm is an excellent make-up remover (face and eyes).

Step 2 of my beauty routine: the reviviscent serum, elixir of cellular longevity, 100% natural.

This step is fundamental in the oceanheritage facial beauty routine: on a well-cleansed face, apply the serum. This gifted regenerating treatment serum is the iconic beauty product of the range, a pure concentrate of OSMOTIC SBP at more than 90%! L' OSMOTIC SBP ? Filled with mineral salts and marine trace elements identical to cellular plasma, this patented active ingredient restores the balance of the skin's vital and natural functions (or "homeostasis"), reactivates cellular self-repair mechanisms and slows down the mechanisms of aging! Unique in the world ! As for exopolysaccharide (EPS) and red algae extracts, they boost the natural synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the epidermis.

Result ? The skin is rebalanced, revitalized, regenerated and protected. A must-have!

We like: its transparent and light texture, which penetrates instantly and diffuses a shot of more than 62 mineral salts and trace elements into the heart of the epidermis. Reviviscent water is fragrance-free. It leaves no sticky or greasy effect on the skin.

Step 3 of my beauty routine: moisturizer natural reviving, light or rich.

Act 3 of this essential facial beauty routine: application of daily moisturizing facial treatment. For dehydrated, but also sensitized or reactive skin, oceanheritage has created the light natural reviving moisturizing cream. Hydration, protection and intense revitalization objective! Its formula contains marine active ingredients such as maritime Aster flower oil, red algae extracts, Caviar Bleu brown algae extracts, and, of course, OSMOTIC SBP , concentrated at more than 72%. Thanks to its delicate texture, this 100% natural facial treatment melts into the epidermis and provides immediate comfort. The skin is replenished and revitalized, it regains its suppleness and minor redness is reduced. Application, morning and evening, to the entire face after the l'eau reviviscente facial serum.

We like: with the rich reviving cream, oceanheritage has also thought of dry, tired and weakened skin! Particularly nutritious and restorative, it is also composed of marine active ingredients such as brown algae oil, exopolysaccharides (EPS), oily extracts of blue immortelle flower and reviviscent complex (63%)™. Its creamier texture envelops the face and visibly plumps it. The skin is regenerated, hydrated, nourished, firmer, glowing with health!

DIY beauty tip: 1 to 2 times a week, don't forget to exfoliate your skin to rid it of dead cells and revive its radiance. Mix the desired amount of oatmeal in a dab of Reviviscent Balm facial cleanser, then apply to your skin, massaging gently. An essential gesture to prepare the skin for treatment and have a perfect, luminous complexion!