Les bienfaits de l'eau de mer en cosmétique

The benefits of seawater in cosmetics

1 - What are the benefits of seawater in cosmetics? What are its virtues/benefits for the skin?

Seawater has long-recognized benefits. Used in its pure and hypertonic form in thalassotherapy treatments, it provides all the essential trace elements and minerals needed by the skin. It revitalizes and tones the skin and hair. The waterproof cuticle of the epidermis absorbs the minerals in exchange for water molecules after 12 minutes, which can lead to dehydration of the epidermis. Pure hypertonic seawater should be used as a rejuvenating treatment.

When introduced in low concentration (hypotonicity with the skin), cellular exchanges are reversed, and the skin tends to lose certain trace elements but gains significant hydration.

When it is isotonic (at the ideal concentration of 9 g of minerals per liter), cellular exchanges are balanced, and the deficient skin recharges with minerals.

However, when pure seawater is diluted with demineralized water, it temporarily boosts cell regeneration because, despite not being free from cytotoxicity, it accelerates cell apoptosis (cell death). Therefore, this solution cannot be used long-term.

2 – When we talk about seawater, which seas are we referring to? Do the virtues differ from one sea to another?

The ocean is a living environment characterized by its connectivity, salinity, and stability. It represents more than 90% of the volume available to life and plays a crucial role in the global climate by storing and releasing vast amounts of energy.

Seawater contains a constant concentration of minerals and trace elements, regardless of the geographic location of the sea or ocean on our planet; only the degree of salinity varies. The constancy and totality of these minerals are the source of its biological properties, meaning the totality of seawater, where all its minerals are more effective than individual minerals.

Seawater is thus an electrolyte medium that conducts electromagnetic energy, and its biological properties stem from its constant concentration and the presence of all its minerals—its totality.

3 - In what forms can seawater be found in cosmetics?

Seawater is difficult to work with because, fresh and pure, it destabilizes cosmetic formulations. However, it is available in various forms:

The most common form is dehydrated and often partially desalted, meaning the water is separated from the minerals. In powder form, it provides minerals and trace elements to the skin but does not have conductive activity. Dehydrated seawater contains minerals in crystal form, with the polar charges (+) and (-) canceling each other out, rendering them inert. When reconstituted in distilled water, the osmotic properties and cellular exchanges are extremely weak. Additionally, when partially desalted, it loses its mineral balance essential for life and, consequently, its biological properties. However, the powder form still offers toning and remineralizing benefits in cosmetic treatments.

Seawater in low concentration in demineralized water loses its mineral constancy and balance. These hypotonic or isotonic seawater solutions boost cell renewal, but they quickly exhibit toxicity due to accelerated cell apoptosis (cell death). Pure seawater must therefore be combined with a natural and biocompatible water to be physiologically acceptable to skin cells. In brief, when used in powder form or in low concentration in demineralized water, as is common in marine cosmetics, it remains remineralizing but loses its conductivity and mineral balance, which are the sources of its biological properties. Used pure, it provides a high concentration of minerals and can help combat inflammation, but the epidermis tends to dehydrate.

4 - What makes the seawater used in Oceanheritage formulas unique?

The seawater is collected fresh and pure from the vortex areas of the Iroise Marine Park in Brittany, then combined through a natural dynamization process with a rare, deep, oligomineral spring water, without undergoing thermal or chemical treatment, to preserve its integrity and the conditions conducive to the development of life in the resulting marine solution.

This precious blend gives birth to OSMOTIC SBP™, the 100% natural patented active principle of Oceanheritage, which entirely replaces the water in the formulas for 100% active skincare. Its composition of trace elements and minerals in the form of free ions replicates the original living environment of skin cells and regenerates them with powerful osmotic energy. This bio-recognition triggers a cascade of benefits: enhanced innate defense, resistance to oxidative stress, cellular energy, and prolonged skin youthfulness.

Oceanheritage is the only brand to have achieved the feat of incorporating a high concentration of fresh and pure seawater combined with a rare, natural, and biocompatible marine spring water into its skincare products. By replicating the original living environment of skin cells, Oceanheritage helps them stay younger and healthier for longer.