Our natural and innovative products

Fresh seawater, marine spring water, and a selection of brown and red algae and sea flowers: our products contain only natural ingredients, marine active ingredients that your skin recognizes. Zero additives, only the essentials: all you have to do is dive in!

A patented active ingredient, unique in the world!

For a long time, seawater was used in a devitalized form. Our unique process makes it possible to preserve it in a fresh and pure state: this is le complexe reviviscent™.

Benefit from the revitalizing effect of sea water and marine springs drawn from the heart of the Iroise Marine Park in Brittany (France). With a formulation similar to the constitution of your skin, ideal for reviving it.

Treat yourself to a treatment that finally respects and fully integrates your body.

Le complexe reviviscent™

Pure and regenerating skincare

A range of 100% natural skincare products, with powerful marine active ingredients.
A cleansing balm, a regenerating serum, a replenishing cream and a revitalizing cream.

A "blue beauty" brand

100 % natural

Born from the ocean, I am, we are, heirs of the Ocean.

oceanheritage is the embodiment of a product Made in France of a vision of 100% natural cosmetics, vibrant and respectful of your skin’s health and the environment.

Upheld by strong values, a sense of awareness, the fruit of a commitment to the ocean.

I am, we are, the custodians and beneficiaries of this endangered public asset which needs to be protected without delay.

oceanheritage s'engage : 100 % naturelle

We are committed to an eco-friendly approach through our ingredient’s transformation processes, by choosing recyclable glass containers and also by choosing recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging.

oceanheritage's commitment: eco-friendly
Preserving the ocean

oceanheritage was born from the ocean..  
We have set our mind to preserving this precious element, as it was the origin of all life forms on Earth and bears our future in its hands. Ocean Heritage is a member of the Sea Foundation!

oceanheritage's commitment: preserving ocean

oceanheritage, natural cosmetics

I am two words back-to-back that give meaning to my existence.

I am ocean, this treasure to preserve, an element that breathes life into every being, into beauty itself.
And I am heritage: I am a gift, something vital that is gathered, held on to, and shared.
I embody the vision of 100% natural cosmetics,
alive and respectful of the environment.

Born from the ocean, I am a brand of beauty treatments.