je suis - I am

our skin is alive!

The ocean is at the origin of all life forms, and bears our future in its hands. Our skin is fragile, regardless of colour, age or gender. It is not merely a trimming or there for appearance, it serves as a vital interface. It renews itself constantly to protect us from daily aggressors, and regulate its beauty balance. These repeated aggressions make it more fragile, its homeostasis is altered and deteriorated over time.

oceanheritage beauty treatments provide a universal response that restores and preserves its natural balance, so vital to beauty and health For radiant skin that is full of life! Yes, our skin is alive, 100% alive

I am 100% alive

Our skin is alive!
Our skin is alive!

Born from the ocean, I am natural, 100% natural!.
As a beauty elixir and source of permanent regeneration, I am an exceptional beauty treatment.

A face serum, that revitalises the skin’s cells and naturally boosts its balance.

I am universal, and adapt both to women’s and men’s skin.

The more your skin needs me, the more active I get!
For radiant skin that is bursting with vitality.

I am l'eau reviviscente

a wondrous cell life-enhancing serum 

I am a range of reviviscente skin care

Born from the ocean, I am a range of all-natural face care treatments!
As vital to beauty as water is to life. 
Four treatments forming a simple beauty ritual!

Discovery of l'eau reviviscente

Born from the encounter of two natural waters of unrivalled purity ;
sea water and spring water, drawn from the heart of a biosphere reserve.
I am l’eau reviviscente, and I carry within me the reviviscence:
a natural phenomenon that awakens and revitalises cells.
I was developed by a scientist after many years of research.
A woman with deep respect for the ocean.
A woman who lives and works by its side.
To her, the ocean is energising because it is alive. 
She truly believes, that I am as vital to beauty as water is to life.

Listen to her tell you my story.

Listen to her

discover la reviviscence

Fabienne Bresdin
Biologist specialised in marine biology.

Fabienne Bresdin
Oceanographer biologist
Specialised in cosmetics

I am oceanheritage

I am two words back-to-back that give meaning to my existence.

I am ocean, this treasure to preserve, an element that breathes life into every being, into beauty itself.
And I am heritage: I am a gift, something vital that is gathered, held on to, and shared.
I embody the vision of 100% natural cosmetics,
alive and respectful of the environment.

Born from the ocean, I am a brand of beauty treatments.

oceanheritage's commitment

100 % natural

We embody the notion of natural cosmetics: all our products are of entirely natural origin, vegan and Made in France!

oceanheritage's commitment: 100% natural

We are committed to an eco-friendly approach through our ingredient’s transformation processes, by choosing recyclable glass containers and also by choosing recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging.

oceanheritage's commitment: eco-friendly
Preserving the ocean

oceanheritage est was born from the ocean..  
We have set our mind to preserving this precious element, as it was the origin of all life forms on Earth and bears our future in its hands. Ocean Heritage is a member of the Sea Foundation!

oceanheritage's commitment: preserving ocean