Blue Caviar algae extract


Function: Algae extract is a marine-based natural active principle, acts on the skin’s homeostasis (fundamental balance) and protects skin from oxidative stress*. It has energising and protective properties. 

Origin: Drawn from brown algae grown out at sea in the Iroise marine park. The blue caviar is an exceptional active principle, as it is drawn from cell cultivations of the Undaria Pinnatifida brown microalgae - cultivated for the first time in the world. The process consists in extracting sporophytes using a non-GMO coconut- and palm-based solvent. 

Product: light la crème reviviscente.

* Cell aggression caused by stress, cold weather, pollution, etc. 

Following oxidative stress, the skin’s homeostasis is disturbed and is subjected to diffuse redness, imperfections, feelings of discomfort and premature ageing

Blue Caviar algae


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100% natural, vegan, made in France