l'eau reviviscente & la crème reviviscente légère

Two exceptional treatments enriched with marine active ingredients that adapt to all skin types.

  • L'eau reviviscente, ultra-regenerating serum (30ml): iconic treatment from the oceanheritage range, this exceptional serum is a pure concentrate of le complexe reviviscent™ (+90%) which has more than 62 mineral salts and trace elements , essential for the proper functioning of the skin. Ultra-powerful, its innovative formula with marine active ingredients, 100% natural, exerts a rebalancing, regenerating and global revitalizing action on the skin. The more the skin needs it, the more the active ingredients in the serum will be activated!
  • la crème reviviscente light (50 ml), a revitalizing moisturizing cream with a fluid texture concentrated with more than 72% of le complexe reviviscent™. It delivers its marine active ingredients to dehydrated, sensitized and reactive skin to deeply replenish it, while infusing it with energy, vitality and protection. To be applied on the skin just after the serum!

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100% natural, vegan, made in France

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