I am l'eau reviviscente

A wondrous cell life-enhancing serum

Born from the ocean, I am a source of life, I am 100 % natural!
I am a unique combination of two natural waters of unrivalled purity:
sea water and spring water, drawn from deep down in the Iroise Sea Marine Park.
I have a naturally high concentration in mineral salts and trace elements.
As a true cell life-enhancing elixir, I reactivate natural self-regeneration,
self-hydration, defence and repair mechanisms, for all skin types.

I also adapt both to women’s and men’s skin. 
The more your skin needs me, the more active I get! 
I regenerate and protect it and ensure its proper balance.

As vital to beauty as water is to life.
je suis - I am l’eau reviviscente.


30 ML

Also available as a part of a discovery pack

A toilet bag offered to purchase of l'eau reviviscente

Tested and adopted!*

90 %

smoothed and soft skin.

87 %

skin is re-balanced.

84 %

skin is more toned, firm and tonic.

81 %

makes complexion brighter and more radiant.

*study conducted under dermatological control-31 volunteers (68% women and 32% men) aged 22 to 59-over 28 days.

+ I adapt to all skin types

Skin is a multi-layered structure made of interconnected cells.
These cells are gorged with mineral salts and trace elements - which are a key nutritional source so skin can maintain its natural balance (homeostasis) and self-regulation abilities. Made more fragile as time goes on, and subjected to external aggressions, its natural properties are thus altered.

l’eau reviviscente displays a mineral signature similar to that of blood plasma.
As it is so close to our epidermal cells’ primitive living environment, it acts in perfect harmony with skin.

l’eau reviviscente is a beauty treatment serum, that is 100% compatible with all skin types, and can be used by both men and women regardless of their age.

l’eau reviviscente is a treatment serum that holds the secret to skin cell longevity.
It holds within it a rare and unique biological phenomenon, la reviviscence : ability for a sleeping cell to be reborn.
As such, it acts in bio-affinity with skin cells, reactivates its cells, and awakens natural mechanisms: self-repair, hydration and defence.
It becomes increasingly active, the more skin feels attacked or worn out.
Skin is regenerated, protected, smoothed, soft and bursting with vitality!

It is also enriched in phytoplankton from the Iroise Sea, as well as in red algae: they stimulate the skin’s natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid synthesis.
Skin is plumped, more supple and more elastic.

The product restores the skin’s ability to constantly maintain its balance - which is vital to its health and beauty.

l’eau reviviscente is a pleasant living beauty treatment.

Apply a few drops of l’eau reviviscente morning and evening to your clean, dry face and around the eyes, massaging gently. 
l’eau reviviscente is a clear, light product that is instantly absorbed to the heart of the epidermis for a second-skin effect and an immediate feeling of comfort.

Full beauty ritual:

  • Cleanse your face using our baume reviviscent, for purified and soft skin.
  • Apply our l’eau reviviscente serum, to regenerate and reactivate your skin and help it maintain its natural balance.
  • Moisturise and nourish using our crème reviviscente.

l’eau reviviscente is 100% natural: it contains no perfume, no artificial colouring agents (natural scent and colour).
All its ingredients were selected for their high efficacy, were carefully collected for their many virtues and benefits, and no useless compounds were added!

l’eau reviviscente is made in accordance with COSMOS NATURAL requirements and was certified by Ecocert.

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ECOCERT Cosmos Natural
  • Ingrédients :
I am l'eau reviviscente
  • I am l'eau reviviscente
  • I am l'eau reviviscente
  • I am l'eau reviviscente
  • I am l'eau reviviscente
  • I am l'eau reviviscente
  • I am l'eau reviviscente

Eau reviviscente

natural active principles

Eau reviviscente


Function: Our unique natural active principle, l’eau reviviscente restores and preserves the skin’s homeostasis (fundamental balance), altered by various external aggressors (stress, pollution, cold weather, smoking, fatigue, etc.). It stimulates the skin’s cell renewal process, delays cell ageing, and reactivates its natural self-regulation and self-repair mechanisms. It also boosts collagen synthesis and restores the skin’s radiance, energy levels and vitality. l’eau reviviscente supports skin throughout its life cycle, to keep it in good health, by adapting to its age. 

Origin: l’eau reviviscente was born from a unique combination of sea water and spring water, drawn from deep down in the Iroise Sea Marine Park.

Products: l’eau reviviscente, le baume reviviscent, la crème reviviscente (rich and light).

Chondrus Crispus red algae

natural active principles

Chondrus Crispus red algae

Chondrus Crispus algae gel


Function: This gel is a natural active principle, rich in sulphated polysaccharides** and mineral salts with soothing and film-forming agents (protection, second skin effect)

Origin: This gel stems from carrageenans*, extracted using glucose to obtain a gel concentrated in red algae.

Product: l’eau reviviscente.

*sulphated polysaccharides extracted from red algae. 

**sugars with hydrating and film-forming powers. They capture water outside the epidermis, and retain it. Sulphated forms have soothing properties.

Seafill EPS

natural active principles

Seafill EPS

Seafill exopolysaccharides (EPS) 


Function: EPSs are marine-based natural active principles, and act on the skin’s homeostasis (fundamental balance) and hydration. They stimulate the skin’s collagen and elastin synthesis, for re-densifying action.

They have a natural “tensing effect” on the skin’s collagen fibres, for a smoothing and anti-wrinkle effect.

Origin: Extracted from phytoplankton originating from the Iroise Sea (Brittany) and obtained via bioreactor culture (blue biotechnologies) of marine phytoplankton. Released exopolysaccharides and then purified through filtration.

Products: l’eau reviviscente, le baume reviviscent, rich la crème reviviscente, light la crème reviviscente.

Marine EPS

natural active principles

Marine EPS

Marine exopolysaccharides (EPS)


Function:  This marine-based active principle acts on the skin’s homeostasis (balance), cell renewal, and reactivates self-defence mechanisms. It contributes to reinitialising the skin’s 3 main functions; it acts as a physical and chemical barrier and a hydric memory* agent to give it back its health, hydration and radiance. 

*skin’s autonomous hydration capacity, i.e. its ability to renew hydrating components such as hyaluronic acid.

Origin: Secreted naturally by phytoplankton in the Iroise Sea (Brittany) and obtained via bioreactor culture (blue biotechnologies), resulting in a natural and pure molecule - Galactose and N acetyl glucosamine.

Products: l’eau reviviscente, rich la crème reviviscente.


natural active principles


Rapeseed or non-GMO palm oil or sunflower


Function: As a natural active principle, glycerine preserves skin from dehydration by capturing water molecules at the surface of the epidermis. Highly emollient, it hydrates, softens and makes skin more supple. 

Origin: Glycerine is extracted from rapeseed (or non-GMO palm or sunflower) seeds through drying, distillation and evaporation (green biotechnologies)

Products: l’eau reviviscente, rich la crème reviviscente, light la crème reviviscente.

Double natural hyaluronic acid

natural active principles

Double natural hyaluronic acid

Double natural hyaluronic acid


Function: This natural and extremely hydrating active principle smooths and firms skin by stimulating natural collagen synthesis.

Origin: Stems from a combination of two natural hyaluronic acids of high and low molecular weight. Extracted through the fermentation of lactic bacteria, with wheat purification for high molecular weight and hydrolysis for low molecular weight. Green biotechnology.

Products: l’eau reviviscente, rich la crème reviviscente, light la crème reviviscente.



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