I am a statement

Born from the ocean, I am its heir
I am as vital to skin health, as water is to life.

Born from the Ocean, I am 100% natural.
Half of my heritage comes from a biosphere reserve, recognized by UNESCO;
I am 100% natural in terms of origin.
I am a highly concentrated nutritional source,
that is 100% compatible with all skin’s types.

Born from the ocean, I am la reviviscence.
Much more than a birth, I am a permanent rebirth.
I am a state of grace, an energy that is constantly renews and rejuvenates.
I am a word that is worth twice that of life.

Born from the ocean, I am le complexe reviviscent™
I am the unique discovery of an active ingredient.
I am your skin’s constant rejuvenation: induced by an active cell regeneration ingredient
which reactivates life and beauty.
Elixir of life for skin cells, I immerse them in their original environment,
reactivate and bring them to life!
I adapt myself naturally to skin of all ages: the more your skin needs me, the more active I get!

Born from the ocean, I am a form of living beauty.
I am a face that is happy with its age: authentic, healthy, and natural.
I am a vital momentum inspired, an opening to the world, a constant wonder.
I am the shine of a beauty in all its shapes and all its lives.

Born from the ocean, I am oceanheritage.
I am a passionate collaboration of 2 minds, an intuitive marine biologist
and a man, passionate about the ocean,
who have long studied and practiced in the world of health.
I am two words back-to-back.
I am the Ocean, a treasure to preserve,
an element that breathes life into every being, into beauty itself.
And I am Heritage: I am a gift, something vital
that is gathered, held on to, and shared.

Born from the ocean, I am, you are, we are, the Heirs of the Ocean.
I am a commitment to preserve the ocean,
a powerful belief and a sense of awareness towards a healthier and a more natural world.
I am a community of curious people, that listen, that care and are respectful.
You and I, we are the custodians and beneficiaries of a common force for good, that is in great danger,
the heirs of the ocean.

I am a story
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