A real life source

4 billion

The ocean is the origin of all life forms,
it gave birth to the very first living organisms
more than 4 billion years ago.
il y a 4 milliards d’années.
As a primitive living environment,
it is gorged with mineral salts and trace elements.

70 percent

The Ocean, a treasure to be preserved,
that covers 70% of our Earth.
Just like our bodies,
also made up of 70% of water,
all our cells are gorged with it.

9 months

Not only is water a shared memory for us all,
it is also vital! A distant memory of this aquatic past lives on within us.
Let us never forget
how we lived our first 9 months!

Such a beautiful story,
a wonderful analogy for life.

Born from the ocean, le complexe reviviscent™ is a revolutionary patented active ingredient.

Its 100% natural formula is the unique combination of two incredibly pure natural water sources:

sea water, drawn from the heart of a protected reserve in the Iroise Natural Marine Park, and spring water, which has traced its path through the rocky ocean bed.

Highly concentrated in oligo-elements and essential natural minerals, it holds within it a natural biological phenomenon: la reviviscence, or the ability for a sleeping cell to be reborn.

I reactivate the skin’s natural mechanisms.

It owes this exceptional power to its rare and unique mineral signature, similar to that of blood plasma and comparable to the primitive living environment of the skin’s cells.

More than 62 highly-concentrated mineral salts and essential oligo-elements: calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, silica, iodine, zinc, copper and bicarbonate ions etc.

Thanks to this original analogy, le complexe reviviscent™ acts in perfect symbiosis with the skin and reactivates its natural defence, regeneration and repair mechanisms.

The skin’s cells draw from it all the energy and essential nutrients they need to be rebalanced day after day. The more tired, weakened and stressed they are, the harder it works!

Le complexe reviviscent™ also reactivates the biosynthetic properties of the skin’s essential components, such as collagen. It therefore helps to maintain the tissues’ elasticity and tone and to delay the appearance of signs of skin ageing.

This unique active ingredient shows excellent tolerance with all skin types. It is found in all oceanheritage products in its optimum concentration, for a perfectly hydrated skin, full of strength and radiance. Naturally revitalised.

When blood plasma suffers a lack of minerals generated by internal or external stress factors, it runs down like a battery. The cells are therefore weakened and their vital mechanisms are slowed down. The reviviscent complex (the primitive living environment) brings oligo-elements and mineral salts in the form of ions essential for the balance of the extra- and intercellular living environments. It therefore re-establishes their optimum energy level and reactivates the innate mechanisms for cell defence, regeneration and self-repair”.

Fabienne Bresdin, biologist and oceanographer, co-founder of oceanheritage.

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Revival is a beautiful story

I am the fruit of 20 years scientific research

Le complexe reviviscent™ has been developed following more than 20 years’ scientific research into the primitive properties of sea water, in collaboration with renowned French research institutions and dermatologists. Its development is a true technical and scientific feat!

It was discovered developed by a scientist following many years of research. A woman with a deep respect for the ocean. A woman who lives and works by its side.

To her, the ocean is energising because it is alive. She truly believes that I am as vital to beauty as water is to life.

Listen to her tell you my story.

I am very efficient: the proof in pictures

To measure the impact of le complexe reviviscent™ on fibroblasts (skin cells), studies have been carried out by the oceanheritage laboratory in collaboration with the skin institute in Paris (INSERM).

Fibroblasts were bathed in the active ingredient and the physiological serum so we could observe their ability to survive and develop over several days.

The physiological serum is a slightly saline isotonic solution used daily in the medical world because it is perfectly well tolerated by our bodies.

The results are: amazing!

Behavior of skin cells with le complexe reviviscent™

 When skin cells bathed in le complexe reviviscent™ (100%), the cells kept their initial form and after just an hour were still very much alive, moving around and multiplying (cell regeneration).  The cells drew the nutrients required for their activity and development from le complexe reviviscent™.

Behavior of skin cells with physiological saline

On the other hand when skin cells were bathed in saline solution (100%), after 2 hours they retracted because they were suffering. They were lacking nutrients to survive and develop. After more than 2 hours in the saline bath, the cells died.

Laboratory studies

In collaboration with the skin institute in Paris (INSERM), we assessed the impact of le complexe reviviscent™ on fibroblasts (skin cells), in comparison with saline solution.

Saline solution is a slightly salty solution whose mineral salt and trace element concentration is similar to that of normal bodily fluids. It is therefore perfectly tolerated by our cells.

Fibroblasts were bathed in le complexe reviviscent™ and in saline solution so we could observe their ability to survive and develop over 24 hours. 

« Water is vital to our health and beauty »

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