I am la reviviscence

4 billion

The ocean is the origin of all life forms,
it gave birth to the very first living organisms
more than 4 billion years ago.
il y a 4 milliards d’années.
As a primitive living environment,
it is gorged with mineral salts and trace elements.

70 percent

The Ocean, a treasure to be preserved,
that covers 70% of our Earth.
Just like our bodies,
also made up of 70% of water,
all our cells are gorged with it.

9 months

Not only is water a shared memory for us all,
it is also vital! A distant memory of this aquatic past lives on within us.
Let us never forget
how we lived our first 9 months!

Such a beautiful story,
a wonderful analogy for life.

Revival is a beautiful story

Born from the ocean, l’eau reviviscente is a unique combination
of two natural waters of unrivalled purity.
Sea waterdrawn from the heart of a biosphere reserve, and
spring water which traced its rocky path under the ocean.
l’eau reviviscente displays a rare and unique mineral signature,
similar to that of blood plasma.
As it is so close to our epidermal cells’ primitive living environment,
it acts in perfect harmony with our skin.
As a highly-concentrated nutritional source,
skin cells draw from it all the energy
they need to live and regenerate.

l’eau reviviscente holds within it a natural biological phenomenon known as reviviscence: ability for a sleeping cell to be reborn.

« Born from the ocean, I am la reviviscence.
A form of energy constantly renewed.
A word that denotes a rebirth.
A word that is worth twice that of life ».

discovery of l'eau reviviscente

I was discovered after many years of scientific research,
by a woman who showed deep respect for the ocean,
a woman who lived and worked by its side.

A woman who spoke so fondly of me,
Listen to her.

« Water is vital to our health and beauty »

my man/woman skincare