I am a range of reviviscente skin care

Born from the ocean,
I am a range of face care treatments,
as vital to beauty as water is to life,
a beauty ritual that holds within it
the power of la reviviscence.

1, 2, 3, 4 unique treatments!
My first is a soft and silky cleansing balm.
My second is a serum, a source of life.
My third is a light and energising cream.
My fourth is a rich and regenerating cream.
My all is a range of 100% natural and universal cosmetic treatments.

100% natural, vegan, made in France

I am the radiant life of beautiful, healthy and natural skin.
A face happy with its age.
Here is my promise.

l'eau reviviscente

A wondrous cell life-enhancing serum

the more your skin needs me, the more active I get! 
I regenerate and protect it and ensure its proper balance

€120.00 -  30 ML

I am the living beauty